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We are Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network. In Quebec and New Brunswick, we’re known as SFL Wealth Management. We’re a partner of Desjardins, the leading cooperative financial group in Canada. We distribute financial products and services for optimal wealth management from coast to coast. Our goal is simple - to offer you a comprehensive, personalized plan that will enable you to reach your financial goals.

Get the stability and reliability Desjardins is known for, the advice and support of a talented multi-disciplinary team, and the freedom to choose from an extended range of products on the market. It’s true, the advisors operating under our banner are independent. They have access to the full slate of Desjardins Insurance products and can draw from a broad range of products offered by other major Canadian insurers and mutual fund companies.

Whether you’re dreaming of buying your first home or renovating the cottage, Whether you’re planning to start a business or expand your company, Whether you’re expecting your first child or grandchild, Or planning your retirement, Your DFSIN advisor will do more than run a few numbers with you. They’ll make sure you meet your goals and are prepared for the unexpected.

Backed by our financial planning team, your advisor will provide you with a comprehensive plan. Because you deserve the very best. You need a knowledgeable partner who can put your assets to work for you. You need a partner who can help you reach your potential. You need an advisor affiliated with Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network.


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David Feldberg

Managing Director 

If you're like us you are focused on putting clients' needs first and you work hard to take care of them now, and long into the future. But what happens when you are ready to retire? Would you like to ensure your clients continue to receive consistent care?

For more than a decade we have been building bench strength on our team. We are proud that when advisors retire here, they are able to introduce professional, client-centric advisors to continue working with their clients.

Can we help you to do the same? Let's chat.





We pride ourselves on having a professional yet collegial office with a mix of mature advisors established in their careers and those well on their way to building a practice. These diverse levels of development allow for the exchange of time-tested knowledge and new ideas. We have in-house strength in office administration, compliance and marketing.

Knowing that this profession can be at times isolating, we offer many opportunities for advisors to meet during educational sessions and also during our office socials.


You manage your time, choose your clientele and make your growth strategies a reality. Your hard work and resolve will determine your income.
As part of DFSIN, you have access to over 3,000 mutual funds from approximately 80 companies and access to the major insurers operating in Canada.
You can rely on the unparalleled strength of our partnership with Desjardins, the leading cooperative financial group in Canada.




To discuss continuing your financial services career with us, contact in confidence:

David Feldberg
Managing Director

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